13 best movies like Elden Ring to watch when you need a break



So we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some movies that remind us of Elden Ring. Whether you’re away from your gaming system, don’t have Elden Ring, are interested in the vibes of Elden Ring but not in playing it, are just looking to supplement your marathon playing session, or anything else, here are 13 movies that can keep those haunted vibes going, Tarnished. Why it’s like Elden Ring: As our colleague Patrick Gill put it: “Conan gets chased by dogs into a cave where he finds a giant’s skeleton on a throne, and then takes the skeleton’s sword.” If that’s not Elden Ring, what is? Why it’s like Elden Ring: Great monster design, bleak atmosphere, incomprehensible dialogue, and some big lore implications that the film doesn’t need or care to explain. Why it’s like Elden Ring: A child suffers the dire consequences of hugging a stranger.


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TECHSPOT - Half the top ten most-played games of 2022 (so far) weren't released this decade
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In brief: What do you think was the most-played game of this year so far? Elden Ring comes to mind, given its huge popularity, but it only managed twentieth place on the list, beaten by numerous classics. Interestingly, half the top ten games didn't even launch this decade, while the three most recent titles were released last year. The most-played game itself wasn't revealed, but it's hard to imagine it being something other than GTA V, Call of Duty: Warzone, or Minecraft. This period is usually recorded as January to the end of March, so Elden Ring would have only been out for one month when the data was collected.

POLYGON - Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss guide
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You can kill one or even both of them, but they’ll continuously respawn until their collective health bar is completely depleted. Whatever the reason for this toxic abomination of a boss fight, there are, thankfully, some very simple ways to deal with it. Our Elden Ring Godskin Duo boss fight guide will teach you how to defeat them (it?). If you’re having trouble with the Noble, we have a separate Godskin Noble boss fight guide just for that. Each boss has a second phase that it will enter when its individual health bar dips below 50%, regardless of where the collective health bar is.

POLYGON - The One Ring tabletop RPG is a cozy take on The Lord of the Rings
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Chief among them was The One Ring, the second edition of the award-winning RPG system first published in 2011. So how do you make a modern tabletop role-playing game (TTRPG) out of something so beloved and so well-known? The Lord of the Rings exists in every size imaginable, on every computing system, game console, television screen, and for every age level. This is a game written for fans who want relatable stories set against the sweeping lore of The Lord of the Rings. This is made exceptionally clear with The One Ring: Starter Set, the system’s introductory boxed set.