13 Sentinels is a masterpiece and it’s even better on Switch



We’ve published thousands of words about why you should play 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim, an audacious video game that combines a century of science-fiction tropes into something unpredictably new. Like the game’s teenage protagonists, always a step behind the kaiju hellbent on destroying the world, 13 Sentinels has suffered from bad timing. 13 Sentinels, which plays sort of like a point-and-click adventure with branching dialogue options, is only half of the game. Saying that a game is perfect for Switch is a tired phrase, I know, but this game is perfect for Switch in a different way than usual. 13 Sentinels was released on April 12 on Nintendo Switch and is also available on PlayStation 4.


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53.95% positive


POLYGON - Octopus Pie comic creator nails teen feelings in her debut game Perfect Tides
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8.03% MORE positive

If you asked me to describe Perfect Tides in one word, I’d call it honest. While Gran used Octopus Pie to explore her 20s, Perfect Tides explores the life of a teenager in the early 2000s. Perfect Tides projects an honest representation of all sorts of pain, the kind of pain I don’t like to admit even to myself. Perfect Tides feels aimless in a way that enforces a narrative of wandering, but not in a way that pulls me out of the game. That idea translated into a game; Perfect Tides is her first.

POLYGON - The best science fiction and fantasy books of 2022, so far
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6.75% MORE positive

We’ve run through our favorite games, movies, and TV shows of the year to date, and now it’s time to talk about our favorite science fiction and fantasy books of the year. The list is in reverse chronological order of release, so the most recently released books will be at the top. And while you’re here, be sure to check out our list of 14 great new romance books you should read. My favorite part of Sea of Tranquility is its wholesale embrace of one of my favorite science fiction tropes. The Way Spring Arrives is a collection of 17 Chinese science fiction and fantasy stories — and all of them have been written, translated, and edited entirely by women and nonbinary writers.