Chris Cuomo wears mask alone in convertible

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Cuomo was jabbed in March and previously infected with the virus, greatly reducing his risk of catching it again. The governor’s brother was spotted wearing a mask while driving alone in a convertible. A spokeswoman for Chris Cuomo didn’t immediately return a request for comment. While advising his brother, Chris Cuomo suggested that he not quit, lest he wind up the latest victim of “cancel culture.”Chris Cuomo provided his sibling with the political advice during strategy sessions with the executive’s lawyer and aides, violating journalistic ethics, the Washington Post revealed. Chris Cuomo — one of the network’s biggest stars, who regularly interviewed his brother at the height of the coronavirus crisis — has admitted his actions were “inappropriate.”He apologized on air Thursday night.


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NEW YORK POST - Journalists slam Chris Cuomo for advising Andrew on sex harass claims
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Journalists across the nation slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for advising his brother Gov. Chris Cuomo was known to provide political advice and expertise during strategy sessions. Hans Pennink for NY PostJournalists were quick to criticize Chris Cuomo’s actions after the news broke. “The Chris Cuomo story is a story of power. “Can’t stop thinking abt how Chris Cuomo gets paid millions & can blatantly violate journalistic ethics w/o consequence while thousands of honest, hardworking journalists just get laid off,” Mathias wrote.