Damian Lillard trade rumors: Trail Blazers star denies trade request, hasn't made 'firm decision' about future



He denied the trade rumors that had swirled around social media all day but also said that he hadn't made a "firm decision" on his future. Secondly, I haven't made any firm decision on what my future will be. "I don't disagree that maybe Chauncey can change our team and make us a better team," Lillard said. The Trail Blazers have been eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs four of the last five years. Lillard is set to meet with Billups and Trail Blazers GM Neil Olshey at USA Basketball's camp in Las Vegas.


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NEW YORK POST - Damian Lillard hasn’t decided on his Blazers future yet
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Damian Lillard denied a report he will ask for a trade in the coming days, but added Friday from Las Vegas he still hasn’t decided about his future with the Trail Blazers. Lillard confirmed he planned to meet with new Trail Blazers coach Chauncey Billups and general manager Neil Olshey in Las Vegas on Friday night to discuss his future. Lillard, making his remarks after Team USA’s practice, still said his future is very much in the air. My intention in my heart is to always be in a Trail Blazers uniform for my entire career. “But the team as is going into next season, I don’t see how you can say it’s a championship team,” Lillard said.

NBA - Damian Lillard: Blazers 'must do better' to win at higher level in playoffs
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Damian Lillard, the high-scoring, All-Star and All-NBA guard, has become synonymous with the Portland Trail Blazers over the past few years. “I feel like I’ve experienced everything with the Trail Blazers, and I’ve worn that jersey as a badge of honor and with a lot of pride and care. I never felt like my job was to go in and critique what other people were doing in the organization,” Lillard said. Lillard averaged a league-best 34.3 points and 10.2 assists in the playoffs, after averaging 28.8 points and 7.5 assists during the regular season. Blazers GM Neil Olshey praised Hammon, who has been with the Spurs as an assistant under Gregg Popovich for seven seasons.

SBNATION - Should the Blazers Move to Re-Sign Jusuf Nurkic?
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Take one Blazers player. Dave: To quote the OLD version of Dia Miller, “This is so hard!” It’s nearly incomprehensible to think of the Blazers trading Nurkic and ending up ahead. Are the Blazers going to be willing to hitch their wagon to him for the next few years at a more expensive price? But for the sake of this article, I’m going with my gut and my initial reaction of yeet (I’m too old for this word, Dave). The Tally So Far...CJ McCollum— Dave and Dia “yeet”Norman Powell— Dave and Dia “keep”Robert Covington— Dave and Dia “keep”Jusuf Nurkic— Dave and Dia “yeet”Tune in next week to see if the dynamic duo will disagree on a player!

AOL - ESPN chief weighs in on Maria Taylor-Rachel Nichols dispute
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“Change takes time, and I ask for your partnership on this journey,” ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro said to employees in the memo, which was circulated last week. In July of last year, basketball reporter Rachel Nichols was caught on video speaking to representatives of LeBron James about ESPN’s decision to have Maria Taylor host “NBA Countdown” during 2020’s NBA Finals. Nichols was frustrated that she hadn’t gotten the role, and suggested that ESPN’s interest in paying more attention to diversity was a factor in the decision. “I do want to be clear on one thing: Maria Taylor was selected as ‘NBA Countdown’ host last year because she earned it,” he said. Pitaro also noted that 63% of ESPN’s executive team was female and/or a person of color.