Federal judge in Houston rules DACA unlawful, halts new enrollment applications

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Without the program, several DACA recipients said they would be unable to continue their education and careers.limits the immediate ability of Biden to keep the program or something similar. A ruling against DACA could limit Biden's ability to keep the program or something similar in place. A federal judge in Houston on Friday ruled that an Obama administration program protecting undocumented immigrants who were brought into the United States as children is illegal and halted accepting any new applications for the program. A federal judge in New York earlier this year then ordered the Trump administration to restore the program as enacted by President Barack Obama. But without the program, several DACA recipients said they would be unable to continue their education and careers.


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BUZZFEED - A Federal Judge Has Blocked New DACA Applicants From Deportation Protections
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A federal judge in Texas on Friday ordered the Biden administration to halt a program that shields undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children from deportation. Then in December, a federal judge ordered the Trump administration to begin accepting new applications for DACA, fully restoring the Obama-era program. The program not only protected undocumented immigrants from deportation, but also gave them permission to work. Hanen didn't issue an order on current DACA recipients, pending a further order from the court or expected appeals. "Today makes absolutely clear: only a permanent legislative solution passed by Congress will eliminate the fear and uncertainty that DACA recipients have been forced to live with for years."

THE JERUSALEM POST - University of Haifa joins iCenter's Master's Concentration program
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The iCenter's Master's Concentration in Israel Education program works to create systemic change in education about Israel and the role of Israel in Jewish life. University of Haifa's Ruderman Program is the latest to join the program. “The human connection in the program, especially this year, was really important,” says Ofer Chizik of the Ruderman Program at University of Haifa who is earning his Master’s Degree in Jewish American Studies. The program integrates academic study, mentorship, learning opportunities in Israel, and creation of a final Israel education project that the students present. “We’re working to create systemic change in how Israel education is defined, approached, and integrated into every area of Jewish education throughout North America,” adds Rachel See, who oversees the iFellows program.

SUN TIMES - Bob Baffert’s New York suspension nullified by judge
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NEW YORK — A New York federal judge on Wednesday nullified the suspension of horse trainer Bob Baffert, finding that the New York Racing Association acted unconstitutionally by failing to let him adequately respond to claims made against him after Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit failed a postrace drug test. In her written ruling, Brooklyn Judge Carol Bagley Amon said a prompt post-suspension hearing where Baffert could refute the claims was required to meet constitutional muster. A lawyer for the racing association did not immediately return a message seeking comment. On Monday, Henry Greenberg, arguing for the racing association, said the organization acted quickly because the Belmont Stakes, the third prong of horse racing’s Triple Crown, was fast approaching. The suspension would have eliminated Baffert’s ability to enter horses at Saratoga, which opens Thursday.

MARKET WATCH - Texas judge orders U.S. to close DACA program to new applicants
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Hanen’s decision limits the immediate ability of Biden, who pledged during his campaign to protect DACA, to keep the program or something similar in place. The states argued that former President Barack Obama never had the authority in 2012 to create a program like DACA because it circumvented Congress. “If the nation truly wants to have a DACA program, it is up to Congress to say so,” Hanen wrote then. Hanen ruled in 2015 that Obama could not expand DACA protections or institute a program shielding their parents. A New York judge in December ordered the Trump administration to restore the program as enacted by Obama.