Friendlyjordies: John Barilaro to be paid $715,000 by Google over YouTube videos



Google has been ordered to pay former New South Wales deputy premier John Barilaro more than $700,000 over a series of “racist” and “abusive” videos published on YouTube channel Friendlyjordies. Barilaro sued Google, the owner of YouTube, and Shanks over videos titled “bruz” and “Secret Dictatorship” published by Friendlyjordies in 2020. The videos also made what Rares called “allegations of professional impropriety” against Barilaro’s lawyers which had no “factual or intelligible basis”. “Google was part and parcel of this disgusting behaviour because it facilitated, published and kept up on YouTube this and similar videos,” Rares said. “The pile on, pile on, pile on, pile on.


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AL JAZEERA - Google told to pay Australian politician $515,000 for defamation
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A court in Australia has ordered Google to pay a former legislator some 715,000 Australian dollars ($515,000) in defamation damages over two videos posted to YouTube. The Australian Federal Court found on Monday that the two videos drove John Barilaro, the deputy premier of Australia’s most populous state New South Wales, to quit politics prematurely. Judge Steven Rares said the videos, which were posted by political commentator Jordan Shanks amounted to a “relentless, racist, vilificatory, abusive and defamatory campaign” against Barilaro. “I found Google’s conduct in this proceeding to be improper and unjustifiable.”A Google spokesperson was not immediately available for comment. A spokesperson for Shanks, who was a co-defendant with Google until he and Barilaro reached a settlement last year, was not immediately available for comment.

THE VERGE - Fruit stickers are the scourge of the compost pile
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But his compost pile lives on top of a compost pile used by the previous owners of his house. When Hohman’s family first moved in, he sifted the pile, removing “probably hundreds of stickers.” But more stickers kept showing up for years — in the pile and in the garden beds. But a compost pile gets it done faster and, ideally, with minimal smells — finished compost smells like forest floor — and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Alas, the produce stickers ride alongside the nutrient-rich kitchen waste. It requires hypervigilance to prevent a produce sticker from entering a compost pile.

SKY - YouTube ordered to pay politician £410,000 for hosting abusive videos that drove him out of politics
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Google has been ordered to pay an Australian politician damages of A$715,000 (£410,000) for refusing to remove "relentless, racist, vilificatory, abusive and defamatory" videos on YouTube. John Barilaro, the former deputy premier of New South Wales - the country's most populous state, and home of Sydney - said the abusive YouTube videos drove him out of politics. The settlement also included him editing some of his videos about Mr Barilaro. Image: The YouTube channel was found to have defamed Mr Barilaro"Google cannot escape its liability for the substantial damage that Mr Shanks' campaign caused," said Judge Rares. Mr Barilaro told reporters outside of the courthouse that he felt "cleared and vindicated" by the judgment.

BUSINESS INSIDER - Scientists unravel the mystery of how elephants mourn their dead thanks to YouTube, report says
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A team of scientists used YouTube videos to observe how elephants mourn their dead, according to a new paper. They found 39 videos capturing 24 cases of elephants mourning lost members of their herd, the study said. The scientists were surprised to see female elephants carrying dead calves for days or weeks at a time. They found 39 videos capturing 24 cases of elephants mourning their dead, per a paper published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science. The research into how elephants mourn will be helpful, Pokharel told The New York Times, because it cold "give us insight about their highly complex cognitive abilities."