Government extends flight ban from India, Pakistan until June 21



Canada has extended its ban on direct flights from India and Pakistan until June 21 to help control the spread of new variants of the novel coronavirus. Passengers can still fly to Canada from India or Pakistan, but arrive in Canada via a third country. Last week, Air Canada proactively extended the flight ban from India in anticipation of the government's announcement. Air Canada does not operate to Pakistan. All incoming air travellers who test positive for the virus undergo whole genome sequencing to discover which variant it may be.


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CBC - Decline in donations requires decisive action by charities, government to protect crucial services
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If Canadians, governments, and charities don't take action to address this trend, the loss to our communities will be felt for years to come. Yet a 2019 Statistics Canada report showed the charitable sector contributes approximately 8.5 per cent or $169 billion to Canada's gross domestic product (GDP). According to Statistics Canada, the charitable sector contributes approximately 8.5 per cent to Canada's gross domestic product. (CBC)There are many positive steps the federal government, which serves as a regulator through the CRA and licensor through the Charities Directorate, can take to help support Canada's charitable sector. The decline in giving and the chronic under-funding of charitable work will continue to grow if charities cannot engage younger donors in their work.