Hacker is stealing the identities of victims, Surfside mayor says

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Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett said Friday that a hacker is stealing the identities of victims who died in the condominium collapse in his city. ADVERTISEMENT“It’s terrible,” Burkett told the news outlet. "We want everyone to take steps to lock their credit down," the mayor told Insider, adding, "We're going to track down the people responsible for this and we're going arrest them and make an example of them." It’s unclear how many people are involved or the number of victims who have been targeted. The mayor declined to provide information to either news outlet on how the identities of the victims were able to be stolen.


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WASHINGTON EXAMINER - Jury goes inside Democratic donor Ed Buck's 'Gates of Hell'
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LOS ANGELES — Ed Buck called his apartment “The Gates of Hell,” and for two men who died there, wallpaper with red flames and skulls was likely their last vision on Earth. Both men were dead by the time paramedics arrived, victims of a deadly “party and play” game. This involved shooting up methamphetamine and GHB with painful sexual activities, such as lighting genitals on fire, according to testimony. I got my neighbor here giving CPR, and he said to call 911,” Buck said in a calm voice. The number of guests began to increase again until Dean died in 2019 when it tapered off again, he said.

THE TIMES OF INDIA - At Least 16 Dead In Suspected Hooch Tragedy In 'Dry State' Bihar's West Champaran: What We Know
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At least 16 people have lost their lives since Wednesday in the West Champaran district of Bihar, after allegedly consuming poisonous liquor. Several persons are battling for their lives in hospitals and doctors said that some of the victims have lost their eyesight. Bihar | We have been told that around 8 people died mysteriously at a village (in West Champaran) in the past 2-3 days. BCCLAfter consuming the illegal liquor, some of the victims tried to hide the fact and gave wrong information in the hospitals. Yet another suspicious liquor tragedy in Bihar, which is supposed to be a dry state has the opposition taking shots at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.