How ‘Marvel’s MODOK’ Depicts ‘The Ultimate Supervillain Underdog’



His ego always gets in the way of his plans to conquer the world, and I think that’s very relatable. The handheld element adds the fun behind-the-scenes into the life of a supervillain and enhances the comedy. What was it like to write characters that aren’t just funny but also layered individuals like MODOK himself, with Mexican and Jewish roots? and MODOK, and we help you enter this world that we’ve built around MODOK since he’s always at the center of the show. Oswalt: Diehard Marvel fans know all of these deep cuts and they love it when stuff like this shows up.


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I feel really honored by having the opportunity to really form a story with our writers that honors the character and the characters around him, that world, and also has a connection to the real world. It really marks a journey for him, particularly the personal element to the role with his father and really digging into self-improvement. That's really an actor's dream. He's really on top of that stuff. It's really, really sweet personal stuff, anecdotes.

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The trickiest thing to get right in MODOK, according to Jordan Blum, was figuring out how to take off his clothes. Blum is the co-creator of the new comedy series hitting Hulu today; a 10-episode first season following the office and family drama of the Marvel Comics villain MODOK (an acronym for Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing). “It was the most back and forth we had with design with the puppet department,” Blum told Polygon over Zoom. And we won’t tell you exactly where naked MODOK shows up in the series, but to Blum, the effort was certainly worth it. They nailed it.”That attention to absurd detail is everywhere in MODOK, and Blum said that that was very deliberate.

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Lucille Ball met Desi Arnaz in 1940 at RKO Pictures. While “I Love Lucy” showcased the fun-loving, madcap couple, behind the scenes, there were extramarital affairs and plenty of scandal. Getty Images“Living with DaVita catalyzed some personality changes in her,” the authors write. “I’ve resisted so far, but other gals like Joan Crawford did all right,” Ball told a friend. “I Love Lucy” (1951-1957) became the most watched show in the country, and the studio they founded, Desilu, was a top producer in the new medium.