Jesse Williams talks Jackson's Grey's Anatomy departure: 'I feel really honored'



I feel really honored by having the opportunity to really form a story with our writers that honors the character and the characters around him, that world, and also has a connection to the real world. It really marks a journey for him, particularly the personal element to the role with his father and really digging into self-improvement. That's really an actor's dream. He's really on top of that stuff. It's really, really sweet personal stuff, anecdotes.


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TELEGRAPH - The £38 beauty product that makes Ashley Graham feel like she can 'take on the world'
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Ashley Graham is, quite frankly, as real as it gets. As well as having unfiltered conversations with everyone from civil rights activist Amanda Nguyen to Kim Kardashian on her podcast Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham, she is also an international model, a body-positivity campaigner and a new mother. "For me, having a tan isn’t just about how it makes me look, but how it makes me feel. "I’ve definitely pared down my beauty routine in the last year, but for me it’s really been a form of self-care. "The Ultimate Glow Kit is my dream tanning product.

YCOMBINATOR - Counting the number of matching characters in two ASCII strings
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Suppose that you give me two ASCII strings having the same number of characters. I wish to compute efficiently the number of matching characters (same position, same character). E.g., the strings ‘012c’ and ‘021c’ have two matching characters (‘0’ and ‘c’). Though I seem to restrict the problem to ASCII inputs, my code actually counts the number of matching bytes. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to write a function that counts the number of matching characters within a range, or to determine whether all characters in a given range match.

VARIETY - How ‘Marvel’s MODOK’ Depicts ‘The Ultimate Supervillain Underdog’
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His ego always gets in the way of his plans to conquer the world, and I think that’s very relatable. The handheld element adds the fun behind-the-scenes into the life of a supervillain and enhances the comedy. What was it like to write characters that aren’t just funny but also layered individuals like MODOK himself, with Mexican and Jewish roots? and MODOK, and we help you enter this world that we’ve built around MODOK since he’s always at the center of the show. Oswalt: Diehard Marvel fans know all of these deep cuts and they love it when stuff like this shows up.

PEOPLE - Colleen Ballinger Reveals She’s Expecting Twins After Pregnancy Announcement: ‘So Excited for 2 Babies!’
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"I'M HAVING TWINS!!! Colleen Ballinger pregnant Credit: Colleen Ballinger/YoutubeBallinger revealed she was had "some concerning complications" on May 5 during a family vacation and rushed to the doctor expecting the worst. "In a matter of 10 seconds I went from I'm having another loss … to I'm having twins," she said of the moment. Colleen Ballinger pregnant Credit: Colleen Ballinger/InstagramBalinger then got emotional as she explained that having twins is extra special to her because her late grandfather whom she looked up to is a twin. "And so it feels really, really special and I feel really lucky and I'm really excited.