Jordan Abel's book about intergenerational trauma will be there when you need it



Jordan Abel wants you to know that you don't have to read his new book if you're not ready. "It's a book about intergenerational trauma, Indigenous dispossession and the afterlife of residential schools. "I really hope that the people who need this kind of book find their way to it." The first page of Abel's Nishga shows text and images silhouetted in the book's title. The cover Abel's new book, Nishga, an autobiographical account of intergenerational trauma.


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YCOMBINATOR - The right angle by James Panero
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After the Bible and Shakespeare, one of the most reproduced books in the English language is Izaak Walton’s The Compleat Angler. No one else could describe a trout or a pike or a perch in such living terms as Walton. For most, a fish is a fish, but Walton makes a friend of his forage as great fishermen do. Walton truly set out to make his Angler “Compleat,” resulting in an amiable book that is a tackle box of information. The title page to the first edition of The Compleat Angler.

ABC NEWS - 'GMA' Buzz Picks: Eva Chen's book recommendations for AAPI Heritage Month
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If you've finished our "GMA" Book Club pick this month and are craving something else to read, look no further than our new digital series, "GMA" Buzz Picks. Each week, we'll feature other books that we're also reading this month to give our audience even more literary adventures. For this week's "GMA" Buzz Pick, we're celebrating AAPI Heritage Month with book recommendations from Eva Chen. author and director of fashion partnerships at Instagram shared her top picks for the month of May and there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy. If you finish "Anna K," pick up Lee's second book, "Anna K Away," which follows Anna's journey on figuring out who she is over the course of one summer in South Korea.

EW - Bridget Collins discusses her new book The Betrayals
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What's in a Page: The Betrayals' Bridget Collins on her very British writing routinePicture an elite academy, tucked away in a secluded, idyllic location in the mountains. This is the setting for Bridget Collins' next book The Betrayals, but this isn't the campus novel it might sound like. It's hard to describe Collins' work without spoilers, so we turned to the author herself to tease what to expect, and how she gets it all done. BRIDGET COLLINS: A sign for my bedroom door that said 'PROVYT'. I was always keenest on the kind of book where the protagonist steps through some enchanted portal, and finds the world turned upside-down (and yet strangely familiar).