Judge orders end to DACA in ‘a blaring siren’ for Democrats

LA Times


Calling the ruling a “blaring siren” for Democrats, United We Dream Executive Director Greisa Martinez Rosas said they would be solely to blame if legislative reform doesn’t happen. “Until the president and Democrats in Congress deliver on citizenship, the lives of millions will remain on the line,” Martinez Rosas said. Hanen has said Congress must act if the U.S. wants to provide the protections in DACA to recipients commonly known as Dreamers. “Today makes absolutely clear: only a permanent legislative solution passed by Congress will eliminate the fear and uncertainty that DACA recipients have been forced to live with for years,” Schulte said. “We call on each and every elected office to do everything within their power so that DACA recipients and their families and communities can live free from fear, and continue to build their lives here.”


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SUN TIMES - A school torn down and a weekend of violence — it’s all connected
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Recently, while I was on my way to meet a friend for coffee, I drove by one of the shuttered CPS school buildings being demolished. Those connections are clear, pointed out by community activists, as well as by research on the impact of school closings on a community. In the ongoing blame game, marginalized communities of color blame City Hall, the police, the criminal justice system, their neighbors and ongoing systemic racial inequity. Cops blame elected officials, parents in those marginalized communities and the court system. Elected officials blame the police and the parents — mainly Black parents.