Judge rejects DOJ plan for contractors to create database for Capitol riot prosecutions

The Hill


A federal judge on Friday denied a request from the Department of Justice (DOJ) to share grand jury materials from investigations into the Jan. 6 Capitol riot with a contractor who was hired to organize them into a database. ADVERTISEMENT“Deloitte, a private firm contracted by the government on a non-exclusive basis, is a private rather than a public governmental entity, and its staff are employees of the firm rather than the government,” the judge wrote. The Hill has reached out to the DOJ for comment on Friday’s ruling. One video from the riot reportedly showed some officers moving barricades so rioters could break through, and at least one officer was allegedly captured taking a selfie with a riot participant. Politico said that federal authorities have gathered evidence related to more than 6,000 grand jury subpoenas, thousands of hours of security footage and millions of social media posts, along with other data.


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ABC NEWS - DOJ charges 5 members of same family for allegedly joining Capitol riot
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Five members of the same Texas family were arrested Tuesday and charged for their alleged participation in the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to newly-unsealed charging documents. While there have previously been arrests of family members including fathers and sons, mothers and sons, and husbands and wives, the Munn family is thus far the largest single family unit out of the more than 530 arrests made so far from the Justice Department's investigation of the Capitol riot. "We made it to our hotel just outside D.C.," Tom Munn allegedly wrote in one post on Jan. 5. After the riot, investigators found posts from the family where they discussed joining in the insurrection. "The only damage to the capital building was several windows and sets of doors," Tom Munn wrote on Facebook.

REAL CLEAR POLITICS - The Capitol Cover Up › American Greatness
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Defense lawyers and media companies are fighting for fuller access to videos used as evidence by the Justice Department. The Biden Justice Department, in other words, has full control over a massive trove of recordings that shows exactly what happened on January 6. The selective clips only tell one side of the story—and that’s the story the Biden Justice Department wants the public to see. “The government has made Capitol CCTV video public when it bolsters or conveniences their case. Enough with the Capitol cover up: If Americans really deserve the truth, as Democrats routinely insist, it cannot be a selective, politically favorable version of the truth.

MLIVE - Grand Rapids man found guilty of assaulting conservation officer in Northern Michigan
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LAKE COUNTY, MI -- A 21-year-old Grand Rapids man who authorities say tried to escape a truck by repeatedly kicking a conservation officer in the head has been found guilty of assault. According to a Michigan Department of Natural Resources statement, Devinci Osiris Dumas was convicted after a Lake County jury trial that finished Friday, July 16. He placed Dumas under arrest for the open intoxicants but also for allegedly giving false information to a peace officer. He placed a handcuffed Dumas in the front passenger seat of his passenger truck and put the seat belt around him. While Killingbeck was driving, Dumas managed to get the seat belt off, turned himself sideways and began kicking Killingbeck.