Lady Gaga Opens Up About ‘Psychotic Break’ After Sexual Assault Aged 19



Lady Gaga has spoken about the ‘total psychotic break’ she experienced after being raped, aged 19, and becoming pregnant. Lady Gaga first spoke of her sexual assault in 2014. 'First I felt full-on pain, then I felt numb, and then I was sick for weeks after. The singer, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, added that years after the attack she had a 'total psychotic break'. 'The way that I feel when I feel pain was how I felt after I was raped.


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Lady Gaga got pregnant at 19 after being raped by a music producer — and suffered a "total psychotic break" because of the trauma, she said in a tearful new interview. Lady Gaga has previously opened up about taking antipsychotic medication because she struggles with "mental issues" as a result of the sexual assault. "First I felt full-on pain, then I went numb," Lady Gaga said. Gaga had previously kept silent about the sexual assault for seven years, first revealing it in a 2014 interview. "I didn’t know how to even think about it, I didn’t know how to accept it, I didn’t know how to not blame myself or think it was my fault," she said.

GUARDIAN NEWS - Lady Gaga says rape as teenager left her pregnant and caused ‘psychotic break’
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Lady Gaga has told new details about sexual assault she suffered when she was 19. And I left, and they told me they were going to burn all of my music. It changed my body, it changed thoughts.”She said the attacks left her with post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2016, she rebuked Piers Morgan for belittling her condition as “vainglorious nonsense” and questioning why she didn’t initially report the rape. “First I felt full-on pain, then I felt numb, and then I was sick for weeks after.

PEOPLE - Lady Gaga Opens Up About Past Sexual Assault, Says She Became Pregnant After Being Raped at 19
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During her episode, Gaga opens up about the aftermath of being raped. lady gaga Lady Gaga | Credit: Neilson Barnard/GettyGaga said that she became a different person because of the pain she suffered through, which led to a "psychotic break." Continued the singer, "The way that I feel when I feel pain was how I felt after I was raped. Alongside Gaga, the series will also feature other high-profile participants, including Glenn Close and NBA stars DeMar DeRozan and Langston Galloway. Mental Health advocate Zak Williams, Olympic Boxer Virginia "Ginny" Fuchs and celebrity chef Rashad Armstead also appear.

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Warning: This article addresses sexual assault and self-harm and may be triggering or disturbing to some readers. Lady Gaga recently shared details from a sexual assault she experienced at 19 years old. Lady Gaga has previously talked about being a survivor of sexual assault. In 2015, she wrote and performed “Til It Happens To You,” a song used in The Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexual assault. The next year, she performed the song alongside dozens of survivors of sexual assault at the Oscars.