Let’s Talk About Hot Tub Streams



Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen and had many conversations about Hot Tub streams, and we want to address it candidly. Nudity or sexually explicit content (which we define as pornography, sex acts, and sexual services) are not allowed on Twitch. To make the lines between what we consider to be overtly or explicitly sexually suggestive more clear, our team is planning to update our policies on sexually suggestive content in the coming months. These–along with updates to the sexually suggestive policy–are longer term solutions that will take time to build and implement. So, we’re introducing a new category: Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches.


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COSMOPOLITAN - 13 Summer-Ready Sex Positions for When it's Ridiculously Warm Out
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* knocking on all woods, praying to various gods *So this begs the question: How does one best have hot sex when it's also hot outside—like really, really fucking hot? “As with all things sex, it should be fun!” says Nikki Coleman, Ph.D., a licensed psychologist with expertise in sex therapy and pleasure. “The heat and humidity of summer can be a great time to play with different sensations and different positions. If you have privacy, take it outside and splash around in the pool or get slippery on a splash pad.”Okay, so those summer sex hacks are helpful, but what about positions? So if you want to get down and dirty without overheating, stick to these summer-friendly sex positions.