Letters to the Editor — May 22, 2021

New York Post


Cuomo’s $5.1 million in earnings from the book he wrote during the COVID pandemic. Jeff MatthewsStaten IslandNo other governor had the temerity to write a book in the middle of a pandemic. It would be like Gen. Dwight Eisen-hower writing a book about winning the war in Europe before it was over. The pompous Cuomo decided to write one about how well he dealt with a pandemic while people were dying all around him. Sadly, the governor failed him and thousands like him, in nursing homes and rehab centers, resulting in needless suffering, illness and death.


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NEW YORK POST - Gov. Cuomo calls grieving critics of his $5M COVID book deal ‘stupid’
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Andrew Cuomo on Thursday called the grieving New Yorkers upset over his $5.1 million book deal “stupid” for suggesting he profited from their relatives’ deaths with his pandemic memoir. Andrew Cuomo snapped at a reporter who asked about his book deal. Tracey Alvino,46, wears an “Impeach Cuomo” sweatshirt at a nursing home cover-up protest at St. Andrews Plaza. Helayne Seidman“It was stupid that he defied science by putting sick people in nursing homes with vulnerable elderly and immune-compromised residents,” she said. Gregory P. Mango“While people mourned the loss of loved ones, he lined his pockets with a $5.1 million book deal,” Barclay said.

CBC - Jordan Abel's book about intergenerational trauma will be there when you need it
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Jordan Abel wants you to know that you don't have to read his new book if you're not ready. "It's a book about intergenerational trauma, Indigenous dispossession and the afterlife of residential schools. "I really hope that the people who need this kind of book find their way to it." The first page of Abel's Nishga shows text and images silhouetted in the book's title. The cover Abel's new book, Nishga, an autobiographical account of intergenerational trauma.