Miranda Sings star Colleen Ballinger finds out she is pregnant with TWINS

Daily Mail


Miranda Sings star Colleen Ballinger joyously announced on her YouTube channel this Thursday that she is expecting twins. Then upon being informed she was expecting twins: 'In a matter of 10 seconds I went from: "I'm having another loss, I have to go through the grieving process again, I can't handle this," to: "I'm having twins."' said Erik as Colleen shared: 'I've been crying all morning thinking I had no babies - I had two babies in there!' Colleen explained to her fans that she was expecting 'di/di twins,' meaning they have their own placentae and amniotic sacs. 'Wait a second...' said Gwen before realizing she was looking at twins and squealing: 'Colleen BALLINGER!'


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