Monster, book review: Technology rules our lives - but what to do about it?



"Once cool disruptive 'tech rock stars' are being exposed as nothing more than the latest robber barons", they say. Some interesting questions about the role of technology in society are obscured by the authors' enthusiasm for new technology like quantum computing, and the dystopian fantasies they entertain about the impact of the technology we already have. What you would hope would be the meat of the book -- a manifesto for 'taming the machines -- is more of a wish-list. The suggestions range from sensible (legislation for data portability and audits of algorithms) to knee jerk (overriding anonymity on social media, doing away with Section 230 and creating a 'driver's licence' for getting on social media at the age of 18). The discussion of the complex and difficult task of regulating technology is probably the most realistic part of the book.


60.48% objective
53.96% positive