Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour’ proves she’s more than just ‘Drivers License’

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Is there more to Olivia Rodrigo than “Drivers License”? However, the 18-year-old pop divette — who wisely took her time between releasing “Drivers License” in January and dropping her debut album “Sour,” out now — is the real deal. Here are five highlights that prove the “Drivers License” singer has miles to go in her career. “Traitor”One of the most Eilish-esque tracks on “Sour,” this moody moment plays like a “Drivers License” sequel, with a brokenhearted Rodrigo aching in all the right ways. Co-stars Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett have been the center of “Drivers License” drama.


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"My mom is the first person I play every song for," Rodrigo told Zane Lowe during Apple Music's First Listen event Thursday nightOlivia Rodrigo Reveals Her Mom Thought the Bridge to 'Drivers License 'Was 'Too Much' at FirstFans have Olivia Rodrigo's mom to thank for some of Sour's punkier tracks! When I played 'drivers license' for the first time for my mom, she goes, 'The bridge is really weird. But, I mean, obviously, she's my mom and would support me in whatever I did, but I just thought that was a funny little anecdote." Olivia rodrigo Credit: Apple Music"My mom is the first person I play every song for. "I feel really lucky that I get to create these sort of boundless opportunities and ideas.

TELEGRAPH - Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour is a sleek Gen Z tale of bad affairs and worse teenage boys
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The global mega-hit Drivers License, released in January, put Olivia Rodrigo on the fast track to pop superstardom. Following speedily in its wake, the fierceness and focus of Rodrigo’s streamlined debut album, Sour, suggests that the 18-year-old is going to be a real threat behind the wheel. The final ingredient goes further back, drawing on the rocky brashness of 1990s singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette and 2000s pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne. Rodrigo specialises in songs that cast her as the downtrodden victim of careless love with thoughtless boys. But the passive-aggressive wit gleaming through her sharp couplets about unfaithful exes might make you question who really has the power in the relationship.

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Whatever you think of Olivia Rodrigo — whatever you could say (or tweet) about the 18-year-old singer-songwriter shaping up to be pop’s breakout star of 2021 — trust that Rodrigo has already thought it. She knows she’s “obsessive,” as she puts it in one song from her wily and affecting debut album, “Sour”; she knows she’s “too emotional,” as she puts it in another. Hot on the heels of “Drivers License,” Rodrigo’s gloriously melodramatic power ballad that came out of nowhere to spend eight weeks atop Billboard’s Hot 100, “Sour” might be the most self-aware pop record in recent memory. (Nigro is great at using unexpected sounds, like the frayed synth tone in “Deja Vu,” to embody Rodrigo’s state of mind.) She’s not sure where they ended up, she tells us, softly and breathily now, as though she’s looking back through the eyes of an old woman.

NEW YORK MAGAZINE - All the Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics From Sour You Could’ve Used in High School
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Photo: Olivia Rodrigo/YouTubeThis one’s for those of us who had to get through bad high-school breakups with only the twang of Taylor Swift’s early lyrics to survive. Our only hope for the future, Olivia Rodrigo, took notes and has supplied the angsty, insecure, unsure but unstoppable album we needed with Sour, her debut album. (Plus, her confessional lyrics spill the goss between her and her co-star Joshua Bassett that they can’t say out loud. If this were 2013, black-and-white edits of Olivia Rodrigo’s lyrics would be filling tumblr blogs and Pinterest boards right now. / If someone tells me one more time / ‘Enjoy your youth,’ I’m gonna cry.”Congratulations to everyone turning 18 this year.