Rich Eisen experiencing symptoms in breakthrough COVID-19 case: 'It's possible, folks'



NFL Network host Rich Eisen is urging people to remain vigilant about COVID-19 after testing positive for the coronavirus even though he's fully vaccinated. Eisen, 52, shared on his social media accounts that he is experiencing symptoms and is currently in the fourth day of quarantine. So, be careful if you’re vaccinated and, if you’re not vaccinated, don’t wait another second. Eisen told The Athletic in April ahead of the 2021 NFL draft that he had been fully vaccinated since mid-February. At least 48 percent of all adults in the United States are fully vaccinated, via the Times.


49.15% objective
50.57% positive


ESPN - Report: Two NFL teams remain under 50% vaccinated
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1.11% MORE positive

Two NFL teams remain under 50% vaccinated less than two weeks from the start of training camp, a person familiar with the vaccination rates told The Associated Press. Pittsburgh, Miami, Carolina and Denver have the highest vaccination rates. Also, beginning at the start of training camp, teams will be required to develop a method to visually identify fully vaccinated Tier 1 and Tier 2 individuals. Last month, the NFL and the players' union updated protocols to loosen restrictions for fully vaccinated players and to encourage others to get the vaccine. Vaccinated players will not have any of those restrictions.

GUARDIAN NEWS - Australia Covid outbreak: Delta variant cases rise among fully vaccinated people
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23.2% MORE positive

Epidemiologists warn of more breakthrough Covid infections as the number of fully vaccinated people catching the Delta variant rises. Queensland reported a Covid case in a fully vaccinated person on Thursday, a worker at the Brisbane international airport. In New South Wales, a nurse at Westmead Hospital tested positive on Tuesday despite being fully vaccinated and wearing personal protective equipment while working in a Covid-19 ward. A 26-year-old nurse in Suva, Fiji who tested positive for Covid after receiving two doses of AstraZeneca, told Guardian Australia he was thankful to be fully vaccinated. In a fully vaccinated population, all deaths would be in vaccinated people, while the overall numbers of deaths remained low.

AOL - Two NFL teams reportedly under 50 percent vaccination rate with training camps opening soon
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-0.24% LESS positive

With less than two weeks to go before NFL training camps open, 13 of 32 teams have reportedly reached the 85 percent COVID-19 vaccination threshold, according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network. Under NFL rules, teams that reach that 85 percent vaccination figure can operate with fewer restrictions in 2021. Two teams, however, are under a 50 percent vaccination rate, according to Pelissero. It's unclear which teams have reached that 85 percent threshold and which two clubs are under 50 percent. NFL postponed multiple games during 2020 seasonThe more teams vaccinated, the lower the chance the NFL has to postpone games due to COVID-19 outbreaks in 2021.

PEOPLE - Catt Sadler Says She Got COVID from Her Son, 20, and Gives Update on Symptoms: 'Best I've Felt All Week'
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physician Jeremy Faust on Instagram Live to discuss the virusCatt Sadler Says She Got COVID from Her Son, 20, and Gives Update on Symptoms: 'Best I've Felt All Week'Catt Sadler is sharing an update on her condition after she contracted COVID-19 while fully vaccinated against the virus. The entertainment reporter, 46, said Friday on her blog that she feels "the best I've felt all week." She continued, "I would also get vaccinated again because although I'm sick, my oxygen levels are fine. I'm vaccinated.' Only a tiny fraction of fully vaccinated people, around 0.00003%, have been hospitalized with COVID-19, according to the CDC.