The first female armed services chief never imagined she would find her greatest success after age 50



Fagan, 58, will lead the Coast Guard and its 42,000 active duty members. “Diversity matters,” Adm. Fagan said on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” during a discussion about her historic confirmation. She has spent nearly 40 years in the Coast Guard and has served on all seven continents. Brzezinski, who spearheaded Know Your Value and Forbes' 50 Over 50 initiative, which features women over the age of 50 who have found significant success later in life, asked Adm. Fagan if she ever imagined she would reach her greatest impact and make history after the age of 50. “We need to see more women at the highest levels of command in the Coast Guard and across every service in the armed forces.”


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THE DAILY WORLD - Westport honored as Coast Guard City
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“So I personally know how important it is to have that community support for our Coast Guard members, and how important that is for our Coast Guard members and their families. “The community has included the Coast Guard in nearly every holiday celebration and aspect of life here in Westport,” Bouboulis said. It’s the 28th of 29 U.S. cities — and Washington State’s only city — to receive the Coast Guard City designation. Grand Haven, Michigan — designated on Nov. 13, 1998, was the first city to be recognized as a Coast Guard City. According to the Coast Guard website, a Coast Guard City is one that has extended so many considerations to the Coast Guard family and their dependents.