This Guy Has One Piece Of Career Advice For You (But Everyone Else Thinks It's Crap)

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Yes, that’s right, creator and entrepreneur Sahil Bloom says go door knocking to land career advice. He then suggests asking people who open their doors about their career, spending 10 minutes with them to discuss how they made it. AdvertisementThe idea is that you’ll end up door knocking on someone who is so impressed by your plucky spirit, they’ll either give you excellent career advice or in a best case scenario, a job. What happens, for example, if you’re a young woman knocking on a potentially dangerous person’s door? Or perhaps you’re a Black person knocking on a racist person’s door – you could be subjecting yourself to abuse or harm.


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54.32% positive


POLYGON - Tunic: an illustrated review
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-0.11% LESS positive

As a small fox in a seemingly endless world, I’m hesitant to move forward but too curious not to. As is often the case in Tunic, I’m left to experiment. There is no doubt that I’d be able to play Tunic on my own, without talking through things with other players. And most importantly, another person may have found manual pages that I haven’t yet, providing new information for us both. More than anything, though, Death’s Door trusted its players, and so too does Tunic — maybe to an even greater extent.