This is probably as close as Connor McDavid will get



There’s not much more that Connor McDavid can do. They’re the only players to average two points per game in the playoffs over more than one series in the 2000s. Only in Game 3 were the Oilers the better team, and their goalie let the Avs by anyway. Sure, there were a couple close games, but ones where Avs goalie, Pavel Francouz, made things more interesting than they needed to be or the Avs shifted down a couple gears out of boredom. McDavid showed the world what it can look like when he finally has something to play for.


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ARS TECHNICHA - War Stories: How Gears of War almost didn’t have multiplayer
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Today, the original Gears of War is remembered fondly as one of the Xbox 360's most iconic online multiplayer shooters. But in our latest War Stories video, Gears of War gameplay designer and lead level designer Lee Perry tells Ars about how the game's multiplayer modes were almost scrapped at the last minute. Perry said the Gears of War team put off multiplayer level design until near the end of the development process, thinking it would be easier than creating a full, cohesive single-player campaign. That's because "those games played fundamentally different" from Gears of War. Eventually, though, the team started designing multiplayer levels built around Gears' gameplay design.

DEADSPIN - This looks like Connor McDavid’s time
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Connor McDavid, McJesus around Edmonton, looks primed to finally step into the light. He’s already more than halfway to breaking the NHL record for points in one postseason. That record, not suprisingly, is held by Gretzky with 47 during the 1984-85 Oilers’ Stanley Cup run. Every game as part of McDavid’s chase to take down Gretzky’s record is a chance to move him closer to mainstream superstardom. It’s simple to see how the closer Edmonton gets to the Stanley Cup, the better McDavid’s chances of a career-making moment happen.