Ukraine war ‘aggravating’ existing global food crisis, UN warns

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As the cost of food soars around the world, the United Nations warns that the war in Ukraine risks aggravating inflating prices and causing a full-on global food crisis. Al Jazeera: Why is there a global food crisis right now? The Ukraine war is the latest element in an extremely complex situation. Al Jazeera: So what you’re saying is that there’s no food shortage but there’s a food crisis? As a result of the Ukraine war, 19 countries in the last month put in place restrictive measures on food exports.


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AL JAZEERA - AJCS conference to discuss the dynamics and implications of the Russian-Ukrainian war
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[Aljazeera]Al Jazeera Centre for Studies is hosting a web conference to discuss the Russian war on Ukraine and its implications on Monday and Tuesday, 28-29 March 2022, under the title, “Redrawing Spheres of Influence: The Dynamics and Implications of the Russian-Ukrainian War,” with the participation of a select group of academics, researchers and experts from Russia, Ukraine and Western and Arab countries. The participants will explore the Russian motives behind the war on Ukraine and discuss the narrative of each party to the conflict regarding the matter. In this context, they will present historical backgrounds, the nature of social relations and the ethnic and religious ties between the two countries. The first day of the conference will start at 3:30 pm and the second at 1:30 pm Mecca standard time. The sessions will be broadcast in both Arabic and English on Al Jazeera Mubasher and live-streamed on the following social media platforms:Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Soundcloud - YouTube - Telegram - Al Jazeera Mubasher

SKY - The food bank that ran out of food - because people can no longer afford to donate
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"We absolutely ran out of food at this food bank," says manager Tanisha Bramwell. The food bank volunteers admit it's a worrying sign of just how bad things are in this cost of living crisis when they themselves are struggling. AdvertisementImage: Stacked up crates at the Dewsbury food bank - with nothing to fill them"A week ago we had no items left. Part of the problem is the donors the food bank relies on have themselves fallen on hard times. "We feel horrible because we can't donate the stuff we'd like to donate."

BUSINESS INSIDER - Russian ambassador storms out of UN meeting after EU chief blames war for global food-supply issues
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The European Council head told a UN Security Council meeting Russia's war was stopping food from being grown and exported. "Russia is solely responsible for this looming food crisis. Russia's ambassador to the United Nations stormed out of a UN Security Council meeting after the European Council's president said that Russia was risking a global food crisis in its invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine produces a large amount of food, particularly for the developing world, including 12% and 17% of the world's supply of wheat and corn. The World Food Programme has warned that the invasion could result in a "hunger catastrophe."

AL JAZEERA - More free trade will not solve the food crisis
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The global food crisis will take centre stage in discussions. Once again, G7 political leaders and wealthy nations are cheering for more free trade as a solution to ensure global food security. In 2008, during the global food crisis, international trade was touted as the magic pill to solve food insecurity worldwide. Instead of globalising food trade through WTO and other free trade agreements, countries should have the right to protect and promote local food production, regulate agricultural markets, and develop public stockpiling. In the longer term, stabilising the global food system requires a significant change in food governance and politics.