Unvaccinated States Feel Brunt of Delta-Led Covid Uptick

New York Times


The highly contagious Delta variant, which now makes up a majority of new U.S. cases, has spread rapidly, fueling the national uptick. While nearly half of the entire population is fully vaccinated, the level of protection varies widely across and within states. In Mississippi, where just 34 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, cases, outbreaks and hospitalizations are all on the rise. India’s rise in cases began before even 1 percent of the population was fully vaccinated. When the Delta variant became predominant in Britain several weeks ago, a lower share of all adults were fully vaccinated there than are fully vaccinated in the U.S. now.


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THE HILL - COVID-19 cases surge in Nevada as federal government prepares to send help
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Coronavirus cases are surging in Nevada as the federal government is preparing to send help to the state for vaccination efforts. The 14-day average for new COVID-19 cases daily is up to 517 per day. ADVERTISEMENTThe Nevada Health Association said the reason for the outbreak, which is taken part in the unvaccinated population, is that those people are not wearing masks or social distancing. States with a big portion of their population unvaccinated have seen an uptick in cases as the delta variant makes its way throughout the country. Southern Nevada Health District is responding to the rise in cases in their area by recommending vaccinated and unvaccinated people wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces.

GUARDIAN NEWS - Australia Covid outbreak: Delta variant cases rise among fully vaccinated people
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Epidemiologists warn of more breakthrough Covid infections as the number of fully vaccinated people catching the Delta variant rises. Queensland reported a Covid case in a fully vaccinated person on Thursday, a worker at the Brisbane international airport. In New South Wales, a nurse at Westmead Hospital tested positive on Tuesday despite being fully vaccinated and wearing personal protective equipment while working in a Covid-19 ward. A 26-year-old nurse in Suva, Fiji who tested positive for Covid after receiving two doses of AstraZeneca, told Guardian Australia he was thankful to be fully vaccinated. In a fully vaccinated population, all deaths would be in vaccinated people, while the overall numbers of deaths remained low.

CBC - Quebec to hand out $2M in prizes to boost vaccination rates
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Quebec will hold draws for $2 million in cash prizes and bursaries this summer in a bid to get as many people vaccinated as possible before September. Health Minister Christian Dubé stressed that the province wants to do everything it can to encourage inoculation against COVID-19. ("Vaccination has its benefits") in partnership with Loto-Québec, to prevent the spike in hospitalizations that has accompanied the rise in delta cases in populations with low vaccination rates. Lacking concrete data on the effects such campaigns, Daniel Paré, who is running Quebec's vaccination campaign, said Quebec will be watching for any impact a lottery has on vaccination trend lines. On Sept. 3, a $1-million prize will be drawn for fully vaccinated adults, and 16 $20,000 bursaries will be drawn for fully vaccinated teens.

AOL - Rich Eisen experiencing symptoms in breakthrough COVID-19 case: 'It's possible, folks'
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NFL Network host Rich Eisen is urging people to remain vigilant about COVID-19 after testing positive for the coronavirus even though he's fully vaccinated. Eisen, 52, shared on his social media accounts that he is experiencing symptoms and is currently in the fourth day of quarantine. So, be careful if you’re vaccinated and, if you’re not vaccinated, don’t wait another second. Eisen told The Athletic in April ahead of the 2021 NFL draft that he had been fully vaccinated since mid-February. At least 48 percent of all adults in the United States are fully vaccinated, via the Times.