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Averages overall:

9th of 154 in objectivity
59.95% avg. objectivity
136th of 154 in positivity
53.91% avg. positivity

France advises citizens to temporarily leave Pakistan

82.20% objective
50.13% positive


POLITICO - Vandalism of mosque raises fears over France’s secular push
-16.98% LESS objective
-3.95% LESS positive

EU leaders condemn military coup in Myanmar

80.40% objective
50.79% positive


POLITICO - EU weighs action after Myanmar coup
-24.33% LESS objective
7.15% MORE positive
GUARDIAN NEWS - Football supporters' groups condemn European super league plans
-22.28% LESS objective
9.0% MORE positive
WASHINGTON EXAMINER - Military coup underway in Myanmar after political leaders detained
-18.94% LESS objective
4.23% MORE positive
TECHMEME - Military coup in Myanmar: Elected leaders arrested
-8.63% LESS objective
-0.33% LESS positive