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Averages overall:

147th of 154 in objectivity
52.27% avg. objectivity
7th of 154 in positivity
58.22% avg. positivity

How a lost tooth almost broke me

50.87% objective
57.93% positive

If You Ask Me to Go For Ice Cream

62.33% objective
57.92% positive


TODAY - The best ice cream recipes for National Ice Cream Day
-40.57% LESS objective
23.9% MORE positive
AOL - Homemade ice cream recipes that don’t require an ice cream maker
-25.46% LESS objective
2.14% MORE positive
THE HILL - Biden's plan to spend billions on community policing is bad policy
-16.38% LESS objective
-13.6% LESS positive
GLAMOUR - Jillian Dempsey Drops Her Skin-Care Routine
-24.03% LESS objective
1.83% MORE positive