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Averages overall:

119th of 154 in objectivity
54.58% avg. objectivity
70th of 154 in positivity
55.39% avg. positivity

The Best Hiking Apps to Keep from Getting Lost

52.65% objective
61.12% positive


THE VERGE - How to use iPhone’s location tracking
19.64% MORE objective
-9.65% LESS positive
YCOMBINATOR - Modifying The Linux Kernel – New Syscalls
0.66% MORE objective
-10.06% LESS positive
MASHABLE - How to download shows from Hulu
-8.41% LESS objective
2.18% MORE positive
MASHABLE - How to download and save Instagram videos
0.93% MORE objective
-9.88% LESS positive

How to Set Up a NAS to Securely Share Files

44.89% objective
56.66% positive


INDEPENDENT - How Mulholland Drive helped me understand my son’s autism
12.68% MORE objective
-1.43% LESS positive

This Magnetic Desk Is a Neat Freak’s Dream

46.70% objective
58.13% positive

The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Gaming, Tech, and Cycling Gear

48.59% objective
63.14% positive


MASHABLE - 10 best kids movies on Hulu
7.51% MORE objective
-4.05% LESS positive
WIRED - The Galaxy S21 Ultra Is the Cheapest We’ve Ever Seen It
-0.19% LESS objective
-1.39% LESS positive